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AP Macroeconomics

If you are planning on taking either Micro or Macro, I would pick Macro. If you are a pretty concrete sequential thinker you should enjoy Macro actually. I really didn't think the class or the test was too hard. Most of it really boils down to logic. Even without the graphs you need to be able to realize that an increase in demand will increase price. Some of the stuff is a little bit nit picky like the difference between change in demand and change in quantity demanded, but overall it is not too hard.

As far as review goes, if you took the class, I would strongly suggest the REA Crash Course to Macroeconomics. I used it and it was a good refresher for right before the test.

If you are planning on self-studying, I would urge you to use the Five Steps to a Five AP Economics book. It is also very helpful for Micro. It goes far more in depth than a lot of other books and I felt like it was really helpful.

Make sure that you know the course of action things take when they change! You will need to write out how each event affects the next on the free-response portion, and these are easy points that you do not want to miss! You also want to pick up a few other easy points by just learning how to correctly label your graphs then doing that on the test!

Quick Tip: If you aren't sure about something, always draw the graph for it!  You can check almost any cause and effect question with a simple graph; so if you're unsure, you'll always have something to fall back on.

Disclaimer: some people do find Macro to be one of the more difficult classes. It all depends on the way that you think, so try some questions out and look it over before you commit to self-studying if that is your planned route.