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Finally, Scores at Last

Today, I woke up at the crack of dawn, again. However, this time it was not a fruitless endeavor! I actually got my scores and I was quite pleased.

I know my previous blog posts my have eluded to the fact that I did not feel particularly confident after a number of my tests. Now, I can tell you with full confidence that you can have no fear if you feel that way. There were many tests (Art History) that I definitely did not feel very good about. I remember walking out of the test and thinking that I would be lucky to even get a 2! Let me reassure you that those thoughts happen to even the best of us. Now, I won't get into the actual scores of my tests, but I will tell you that I didn't do half as bad as I thought I did on any of them. In fact, that 2 that I thought I got? I didn't even get a single one.  AP tests aren't designed to kill you, and I promise that you will do better than you think you will. The curve for most tests is a lot lower than the tests you are used to taking in class, so chances are you will walk out feeling pretty bad about your test, thinking you got around 70%, but in reality, that 70% could translate into a 4 or 5! So just don't sweat it.

However, if you did receive your scores yesterday, today, or some day in the future and you aren't pleased with them. Have no fear! You can always withhold your scores from colleges for a small fee paid to the College Board or you can just cancel them all together for no fee. Don't feel like one bad AP score is going to ruin your chances of getting into college or anything like that. If you are a good student, one AP score shouldn't change anything. 

Good luck to all those getting their scores back in the next few weeks! I'm sure you all did wonderfully!