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SAT Tips and Tricks

"I really appreciate your AP section of your website [...] You've really boosted my confidence in myself and made me believe that I can do it. Thank you! [...] I was wondering if you could maybe expand your website to include your prefered SAT review materials, etc.[...] Thanks anyway!" Well, when you ask like that, of course I will! I've decided to add a few SAT tips and tricks after a request by a wonderful reader of mine. I never really realized how much help I needed on the SAT, especially after all of the struggles I had while taking APs. In the next week or few weeks I'll try to consolidate a list of a few SAT tips for all of you who have yet to take the test.

I know that you will all do wonderfully! Please shoot me and email via the contact me form or leave a comment if you would like to be notified when the list is released.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!