Emily Xie

Tasting Counter

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Delightful food and a refreshing look behind the scenes in the kitchen

A peak behind the curtain through Tasting Counter's open-kitchen culinary theater

Love it for its...

Intimate setting

Unique approach to high-end dining, with bar-style seating facing the kitchen

Delectable food and beautiful plating

Interesting, well-crafted beverage pairings

But it's also...

Hard to hold a conversation seated at the bar

Timed such that there isn't much time to sit around after dinner if you are part of the first seating (as the second seating starts promptly thereafter)

A bit pricey for a regular night out

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Final call

I would definitely recommend Tasting Counter if you are in the Boston area and are looking for a unique culinary experience


Helpful Q&A


Where is it?

14 Tyler St, Somerville, MA 02143 (Boston metro area)

How much is it?

$65 for lunch and $195 for dinner on weekdays and $70 for lunch and $210 for dinner in weekends - which is inclusive of dinner, beverage pairings, tax, and tip

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