Emily Xie

Cajun Encounters - Swamp Tour

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Get up close and personal with alligators and other wildlife

Watch alligators jump out of the water right next to your boat

Love it for its...

Close-up encounters with wildlife, the alligators are pretty conditioned to get quite close to the boats

Informative guide

Great waiting area for before and after your tour with air-conditioning and drinks/snacks available for purchase

But it's also...

Very hard to coordinate with their hotel pick up/drop off - they give you a 30 minute pick up window and there is not much clarity on when they will show up. Our bus was also extremely delayed on the return leg, so we ended up taking an Uber/Lyft back to town

A bit of a commitment as the tour itself is approximately 2 hours long and the drive is 45 minutes there and back

Final call

I would probably recommend opting for the self-transport option to avoid dealing with their hotel transport system if you want to save time. The tour itself was a great opportunity to get a close look at the wildlife (especially watching the alligators being fed from the boat) and understand the New Orleans swamp ecosystem a bit more


Helpful Q&A


Where is it?

55345 US-90, Slidell, LA 70461 (New Orleans metro area)

How much is it?

An Uber/Lyft from the French Quarter to the swamp tour location is approximately $40-$60 each way.

Swamp tour (22-person boat)

$56 per person with hotel pick up or $29 without

VIP tour (10-person boat)

$89 per person with or without hotel pick up

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